What Thermal Paste You Can Trust?

If you are looking for a good thermal paste to cool down your CPU temperature, then you might get confused by the so many brands out there that each of their manufacturers claims their product is the best on the market. In fact, you have to have some criteria in choosing the right thermal paste, with which you can distinguish the good from the bad. Testing the thermal connectivity is one important factor, but it is not the only one. You must also heed to the electric conductivity as well, as the lower a thermal paste in this regard, the better it is in your option list.

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How Can An SSD Make Your Computer Faster?

It has been a matter of fact among everyone who has interest in the technical field that the biggest bottleneck that slows down any computer, regardless the power of its processor or graphics card, is the storage subsystem featured in the mechanical hard drive. That’s because the transfer of data between the storage subsystem and the processor is the place where slowness occur, and once this operation becomes faster, the whole system performance get optimized. There is a consensus by IT professionals on this matter, and that’s why you keep reading on their websites that an SSD is a revolutionary hardware upgrade that must be applied by everyone who needs to take their system to the next level of computing.

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Solid State Drive (SSD) Between Myths And Facts

It’s hard to find someone who has minor interest in computers and their hardware that did not hear of solid-state drive (SSD). But that doesn’t mean the majority of computer users are aware of this viable alternative to the traditional mechanical hard drive, as this matter is only revealed to the ones who pursue the latest technology news or follow up a technical blog/website that enlightened them on this device.

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Kitchen Appliances That Is Essential For Your Kitchen

What are the most important appliances that every house wives or a cook need to have in their kitchen?. With the invention of hundreds of electronic appliances that not only make cooking easier, but also increased the beauty of your kitchen. But apart from all the functional advantages, we also need to look at our budget. Not all appliances are necessary, you need to be smart in investment and buy only those appliances that are really necessary and save your time and energy. Here are some of the top kitchen appliances that need to present in every kitchen.

Cast Iron Skillet: You will surely not like it, when food you cook sticks to the cooking pan. Many people use lot of oil to get rid of this problem, but this is not good for health. On the other hand non stick pans have their own disadvantages. There are many health risk associated with Teflon. The best option is to use cast iron cookwares. They have numerous advantages and last long. Cooking food in cast iron skillets are also healthy and food tastes delicious. Once you seasoned your cast iron cookware they are like non stick pans and you can enjoy cooking with no sticking.
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When Will A Thermal Paste Expire?

When is it the right time to change your current thermal paste with a new one? How can you know that your current thermal paste is not functioning properly and thus it needs replacement with a better quality, or even same quality one? Actually there are symptoms of the expiration of thermal paste, if we may say. The clearest and most significant is when you feel your CPU temperature is increasing while the fan looks fine. Here you may consider to make a thermal paste change.

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Can A Thermal Paste Be Used In Other Than Cooling?

When you think of a thermal paste, the first thought comes to mind is its functionality in cooling down CPU or VGA cards, but have you ever thought of any other usage of those pastes? Actually, most of regular computer users, even enthusiasts, don’t expect more than that job for thermal pastes, while in fact a thermal paste can be used outside its particular field. Let’s know what kind of uses a thermal paste can be in.

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How Does A Thermal Paste Work?

Have you ever asked yourself how a thermal paste works and performs the cooling process to the surface it is applied to? That is an interesting question to answer, and in fact this will stretch out your knowledge on how things work and will help you understand why a thermal paste then is a must-have element in any cooling structure you are going to build for your PC.

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SSD And HDD – A New Combination In A Powerful Rig

Solid state drives have been used in many modern computers nowadays, particularly laptop computers. The fall of prices that SSDs are going through persuaded those computer manufacturers to integrate SSDs in their systems without hitting the affordability level of their systems. That’s a good news for many users who cannot pay a premium for a high-end system, yet want to enjoy the top-level performance of a computer.

The advantages of a solid-state drive (SSD) have become discussed on many websites, and users became aware of many aspects in this regard. With that said, we are confident that when you start using an SSD in your system you will just hate to go back to the old traditional hard drive, for the super high speed you get from it and solid performance.

You have to realize also a fact that SSD prices fell dramatically, and cheap SSDs are coming with high specs that can handle the toughest computing operations.

Moreover, SSDs are no more like before when they suffered from low endurance. Their endurance become really sturdy and you don’t have to worry on that at all, at least not until 3 years of very extensive usage with a rate at 40+ GB per day. Only then you have to worry about your SSD degradation.

In the end of the day, an SSD is a great choice for everyone who looks for a high speed and solid performance that magnitudes surpasses traditional hard disk drives.

Samsung SSD 850 Pro – The New Revolution In SSD Industry

Two years ago Samsung released what was deemed that time the fastest and highest performance solid state drive (SSD) in the market. It surpassed all its competitors and monopolized the crown of leadership for many months. Even the premium SSDs that followed this drive from other firms could not be as qualified as it was. But Samsung did not want us to cease our astonishment so it decided to release an even faster drive that filled up the rooms of SATA III interface and cut the way on any competition in the future. So until a new interface is invented providing a higher speed than the current SATA III, we don’t expect any drive to be as fast as Samsung 850 Pro SSD.

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The Major Differences Between SSD And HDD

Solid state drives (SSD) have been in the markets for a few years now, and day after day their segment is expanding and many computer users are switching over from the traditional hard drive (HDD) to the world of SSD. On the other hands, most of users are still unaware of the differences between these two drives, and why an SSD is more expensive than HDD, which is because of several reasons we may state some of them here in this article.

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A Quick Comparison Between SSD And HDD

A comparison between two things cannot be avoided when illustrating the benefits of one of them, and that’s precisely our case with solid-state drive (SSD). We need to compare it with its predecessor, the mechanical hard drive, to manifest why an SSD must draw your attention and what it can deliver to you that your current storage drive cannot. This is because nowadays there are only two options for the storage subsystem, either a traditional hard drive or an SSD. This causes confusion to many people who don’t understand the difference between the two, they may just know that SSD is faster and more expensive, and that’s all. But the difference is more than just that.

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Explaining Caching In Solid State Drives

Not everyone affords the steep price of a solid state drive (SSD), especially students who take their allowances still from their parents. But on the other hand, there is a consensus on the awesomeness of SSDs and there’s no argument that everyone would love to have them in their systems. But what to do with the price obstacle? And what about capacity also? SSDs are still magnitudes smaller than traditional hard drives. Is there a trick that allows us to enjoy a large capacity with a high speed at a reasonable price that’s affordable to the majority? This is the purpose behind inventing SSD caching.

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